26 August, 2011

It's tough at times...

Image above: Fifth Avenue Floral Stamp by Stampin' Up!

Here are a few of my latest cards. I'm starting to realise that there really is no end to the diversity of cards that can be made! I've started to scratch the surface but so much more creativity is still waiting to emerge...

On another note, trying to grow a small business can be extemely tough and, at times, I wonder if I have spent more on materials, tools and stall costs than I have made. Nearly everything I sell is made by hand, so it is also a time-consuming venture. Lately, I have been challenging myself to make better cards at a faster rate. This has quite been tough because I don't wish to skimp on quality. I have also been approached by a couple of potential stockists, but actually haven't had time yet to make the stock!

Recently, I made the worst decision I have ever made for 'Green Gifts' since 2003 (in terms of lost money and time). I rented a stall space in a shop in Sydney for four days (which needed to be prepaid). Unfortunately, I tumbled for the positive blog posts and other reviews promoting this new initiative without first visiting the shop. The reality is that the shop is in a poor location with very limited foot traffic. The operators will receive the short-term benefit of rental income from people like me, but ultimately, the enterprise will leave frustration and disappointment in its wake.

I just wish the operators would be true to themselves and the craft community who are trusting them to do the right thing. The initiative will work for some, but only very few. I'm annoyed with myself because I am used to achieving a certain level of success for my hard work and feel completely duped this time round (due to non-disclosure of the likelihood of infrequent sales). I still have two days left and it is looking improbable that I will even recoup my stall costs, let alone the cost of the materials for the items sold. Live and learn people!

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