04 January, 2012

♥ Support your local handmade market ♥

It is always encouraging to meet Blue Mountains' locals, especially after two years of doing markets and festivals here. Sure, not all locals are necessarily interested in markets but it is wonderful when they visit and discover just how affordable and creative handmade craft can be! As tourism has dropped a little in the mountains in recent years, I would love to be able to cater to local customers better.

I predominately attend markets in Hazelbrook, Lawson and Leura. Some of my fellow stallholders include: Bron's Preserves (pictured below), Cindy Smith's one-of-a-kind Sterling Silver jewellery, Dianne's Bears (dressed with gorgeous fabrics and accessories), Bill's Books, and Peter's Bread (of which I am a great fan).

Although I sell a range of beaded and fashion jewellery, both for adults and children, my main love is papercraft. I sometimes get a little demoralised when customers zero in on my jewellery and totally overlook my cards. I wouldn't bother doing markets if it weren't for the cards and other paper products I sell. Next time you come across my stall, please have a browse through my cards. Prices start at $1.50 and include eco-cards (printed on 100% recycled cardstock), handmade cards, and photographic cards.

Most of my cards have an botanical, earthy or arty feel (example below), and are suitable for sending domestically or overseas, attaching to presents, popping into pigeon holes at work, or simply just giving to a special person. People really love receiving a handmade card due to its tactile and three-dimensional qualities. A number of my cards also incorporate hand drawn details, funky patterns and original designs. Please visit soon to check them out for yourself!

This card has been hand: stamped, inked, torn, glued and embellished.
It features dried skeleton leaves, brads (split pins), parchment and wallpaper.
The cards in this garden series (including tulips, parsley, rosemary, mint and sage) sell for $4.00 each.

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