19 February, 2013

Steady as she goes...

Well, it's another new year for Green Gifts! It has started off with a bang--so many orders that I really can't keep up. I have had to shut the doors of my eBay store a couple of times already. This is a good thing but also a bad thing. I still have to pay fees--the store is always open behind the scenes. I guess this mirrors the real world--you pay rent whether you're home or not; your lease continues whether you're open for business or not...

I have also started another online store with lower fees, in order to sell to a wider range of customers, whether they're eBay members or not. It's a fantastic interface and I just love the aesthetics of each page. It gives me great joy to make it look 'pretty', and my customers are finding it very appealing too. I am so thrilled that the items in this store are not 'counting down'. They just sit there and I don't have to worry too much if some things don't sell--there's no 'ticking' auction-style clock, which is very relieving (more like a real store, where stock can gradually be built up over time).

On the flip-side, my second online store gets very little natural traffic (I'm directing customers to it at present). I'm not too worried at the moment, but I'll need to start promoting it at some stage. I've never been great at self-promotion--I really just prefer people to 'discover' my products. If they like them, they will keep returning :) It's their impetus to contact me. However, in the world of e-commerce, people are fickle and will just go elsewhere if it's not 'easy'. It's a slow way to gain a customer base...

But I'm patient--always have believed in doing things well over time. It starts off very slowly, then gradually builds in momentum. After three and a half years of doing this, I am starting to see some real progress in my small hobby business! This is exciting because it means that I'm gradually starting to emerge from my 'sweat-shop'. On the markets front, I had a very encouraging day last weekend, with a few regular customers coming in just for my handmade cards. They have 'discovered' my cards, but more regular customers would be even better! (gotta self-promote...eek)


  1. How rewarding when this happens! A great post - thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for visiting and taking an interest--so very encouraging :)