16 August, 2013

Back on the horse!

Since returning from overseas, it has been busy. That time away gave me the opportunity to mull things over and rethink my online stores a little. Hundreds of eBay members wasted my time last year with empty enquiries, some even trying to gain free digital files (the very nerve!) I had one or two tears over a couple of very shrewd time-wasters who tried to take advantage of me :( I am determined not to let this happen again...

My listings now state some clear 'Terms of Sale' and this is having the effect of deterring the non-serious buyers (yay!) I also have 'Genuine Enquiries Only' plastered all over my store. The time away allowed me to step back a little and reassess why I am doing this. I enjoy making things but I'm lucky to be working for $5.00 per hour (usually less). I really only want to deal with people who love my creative items and appreciate them :) It just becomes exceedingly unenjoyable otherwise.

The card here is the one I gave to my Uncle & Aunt for their 40th Wedding Anniversary in Holland. I got a little overexcited but it is an event truly worth celebrating. It was wonderful to meet up with some of my other relatives too. My Uncle & Aunt's children (my cousins) are so lovely, and it was great to meet their children too. May I encourage whoever is reading this to just drop everything and go away from time-to-time. It helps you to step back and think rationally about where your life is heading...

I still love doing this and felt very blessed last weekend when many of my handmade cards sold at my market stall. I received some very encouraging comments too :) It keeps me going. I don't post my best cards on this blog by any means. The www is just a place for others to take, take, take. But if you remember the cards you have bought before, I would be happy to remake them for you (as I have done for regular customers). Browsing the posts in this blog is a little futile, as it contains just a glimpse of the odd handmade card. I have 1000's of digital pics of designs I have made over the years. I'm only too happy to put together a custom order for you! Looking forward to hearing from you :)

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