02 May, 2014

Getting Creative with Lite n' Easy

This post has absolutely nothing to do with cards or craft, I just felt like sharing :) If you find that you need to eat your Lite n' Easy microwave dinner during the day, you can still come home to a decent feed. Here's how:

Yesterday, my lunch item was the Roast Chicken Tender and Mayonnaise on a Round Roll. I chose to eat this at dinnertime instead as I needed something a little more hearty during the day to get me by.

I made this small bun into a decent meal by slicing it into four pieces:

Then I dug out some cheese I had left over from another meal. I have always loved cheese but have purposely never allowed myself to indulge in it (throughout my entire life). Then I sliced up the rest of a tomato I was supplied with the week's food (nothing goes to waste!):

I defrosted the frozen chicken tender in the microwave as per the instructions and sliced it into smaller pieces:

Then I cranked up the sandwich maker and started assembling my mini meal. Don't forget to use the mayonnaise provided and spread it onto each of your four slices. Place your slices 'mayonnaise-down' at the top, of course. I always use foil to line the sandwich maker so there is no mess should some of cheese ooze out etc.:

And voila! Two tasty little toasted sandwiches made out of left-over ingredients (all part of my weekly food allocation). Once slightly cooled, I cut each one in half and enjoyed every morsel! It took forever to eat these toasted sandwich halves as opposed to one small chicken and mayo roll. If you think this was a helpful idea, please feel free to add a comment below.

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