21 August, 2014

Utopian World

 Sandwich Shop, Montmartre, Paris

Tablecloth Shop, Rue de Rennes, Paris

 Le Petit Mâchon, Rue Saint Honoré, Paris

 Picking out beads for a handmade necklace or two, 
Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen 

My father always told me that I live in Utopia--this was a criticism of me--he desperately wanted me to exit my dream world. I never fully understood what he meant. I do now. I like to be immersed in beauty, art and creative pursuits. However, this was never encouraged. I eventually found myself within the four walls of a classroom. Kids are lovely but the environment isn't. It's very stifling and repetitive and menial. And, oh, the mundanity of conning kids into learning who aren't really interested...

I find myself dreaming about holidaying in Europe again. It's this kind of escapism that really irked my father. I always resort to it when I'm frustrated. I'm back in the classroom teaching again this term--that'll do it! You just feel trapped by the constant marking, assessing and rousing on kids. And, at this school, there is a bit more of that than usual. Am I motivated by the paycheck? No. But, I had to get back into it or I would have had to sign up for a 5-year reaccreditation process. No thanks. Already spent 6 years at uni taking the profession as seriously as a person could take it, and another decade teaching thereafter...

Please enjoy my small selection of photos taken in Paris last year. Thanks to my Uncle and Aunty, who invited us to their 40th Wedding Anniversary celebration in Holland, the trip came into being.

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