17 January, 2016

Photographic Cards

Although I classify myself as an amateur (obviously), I have sold a number of my photographs over the years. I just love the top image of a dew drop on the leaf of an Ornamental Kale plant. I would like to try to widen my audience in 2016 as it is really rewarding when someone appreciates a well-framed shot (albeit lacking the level of clarity that a top lens can achieve). My photographic cards currently sell for $2.50 each, plus postage. Packs of 8 are available for $27.50 (including registered post). Please drop me a line and I'll email you the current link for purchasing them.

I'll be exploring the possibility of selling my handmade items at other markets this year. The markets in the Blue Mountains have become very slow as a result of a drop in tourism to the area. People are also preferring to buy mass-produced items at chain stores at unprecedented rates. Economically, confidence also seems to be down at present. It is quite expensive to attend markets out-of-area due to the expense of the travel and stall costs. I do need to give it a try though because I'm just wasting my time and money as a stallholder in the Blue Mountains these days. I'm often making a loss each day I attend now.

Hopefully, some better avenues for selling will become available in 2016!

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