31 December, 2016

2016 is almost over

What a strange year 2016 has been! I'm not quite sure where all the time went and am left feeling a little perturbed. Does time really pass by more quickly the older you get? Sure seems like it. This pic, taken earlier in the year at Sydney Technology Park, represents the unknown future. It is also a reminder to self to stop banging on closed doors and walking past the open ones. 2017 brings the need for great change to certain aspects of my life and I feel positive about what can be achieved over the next 12 months. I'm actually going to attempt this thing called work-life balance. It will be a juggling act (and a completely new experience for me). It will require discipline and focus and consciousness. I just realised the other day that I have been attending the markets as a stallholder in Leura for 7 years. I told someone that it had been 5 years but when I reflected back, I realised that I started in 2010. Due to various reasons, it really is time for me to move on from this venture. I've gone from 100% attendance (5-6 times a month) to sporadic attendance due to working and living in Sydney. It is only right to let it go, thereby opening up my spot for someone else. I'm not going again until March 2017 so have a bit of time to explore other avenues. Change is in the air!

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