01 January, 2018

T2 'Packs A Peach' Tea


Although an avid coffee drinker, the notion of tea as a beverage has been creeping up on me for a long time (except Chai--I've been courting Chai for a while). I used to be dazzled by the wonderful fragrances that emanated from colourful packages at the supermarket and would buy the odd flavour or two. Unfortunately, I was never wholly enchanted and these teas would sit around in my cupboard until well past their use-by dates (i.e. for many, many years), only to be eventually discarded.

I have always liked herbal teas but would only drink them when offered. People have bought me T2 teas in the past and I have tried them but was never overly impressed. Recently, however, I walked by a T2 pop-up store in Hurstville Westfield. They were having a tea sale and I saw that they had peach tea. I have been drinking terrible alternatives for years such as pre-made, sickly-sweet iced tea from the supermarket or cordial-style peach tea mixers, also packed full of sugar.

'Packs A Peach' has a fantastic fruity fragrance and flavour. I added three heaped teaspoons to around 250mL of hot water to create a mixer for a 375mL bottle. I allowed it to steep until the water had cooled down. Although I have bought the 2L T2 ice tea jug for someone as a gift, I do not own one myself. The best alternative is a coffee plunger because the mesh does not allow even the smallest tea leaf particle to end up in the mix (I have found that cylindrical teapot strainers, even those with the tiniest holes, still can).

After I 'plunged' my tea to remove the excess liquid, I poured it into a glass drink bottle and popped it in the fridge. Once cold, I added sparkling mineral water to fill the bottle. This is the most refreshing drink I've ever had during the hot months of summer; I've definitely been missing out until now! It's also great to know that this beverage is not packed full of sugar or excessive artificial ingredients.

 Photo credit: T2 tea website

I've been so impressed that I have now bought two more flavours: 'Lemon Sorbet' and 'Strawberries & Cream'. These are also fantastic as iced tea but 'Packs A Peach' is still the clear favourite. T2 teas are so unique that I will definitely be back to try more, especially in the chai range.

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  1. I totally agree that T2's peach tea is a great quality product. Most of their other teas, however, are bland and overpriced. They smell good in the bag then I find that so many scoops are needed to create a brew with any flavour. It works out very pricey in the end. Some T2 flavours are lovely but, on the whole, better quality tea is available elsewhere. The company has very clever marketing but it's all just a gimmick.