15 July, 2010

Knitting Addiction...not!

A few days ago, I had the urge to buy some wool and knitting needles! I haven't knit in over 20 years. It was a frustrating childhood experience because I think my mum gave me the thinnest needles she had to keep me occupied. However, it must have turned me off knitting for good as I don't recall completing a single project! So, I went to the other extreme and bought the largest needles I could find and three cheap balls of acrylic wool. Although I knew I was using the wrong needles for the type of wool I bought, I wanted to get a feel for how long it actually takes to make a reasonably long scarf. (N.B. It takes a while from go to woe if you haven't done it in a long time, even with huge needles!)

The colours looked awesome on the actual ball of wool (above) but, when knitted up, I wasn't at all thrilled with the pattern created on the scarves themselves. Luckily, these scarves are just for practice--I don't think anyone would actually wear them in public!

The crocheted beanie below was made by my talented sister. She attempted to teach me how to crochet one night in Canberra but ran out of patience (instead, I walked away with this cute beanie!). She only gave me 10 mins to catch on, so I didn't even get past learning how to do the centre piece! When I think about the 100's of hours I spent tutoring her when she lived with me during her HSC...*sigh*. She'd like me to sell them at my markets but, unfortunately, there are already ample knitters and crocheters at the markets I'm attending at present, so I am actually not permitted to add any of these items to my stall. Same goes for my mother-in-law's booties, which she used to sell in a craft shop at Marrickville before it closed down (that's where I first started selling my handmade goods 18 years ago!)

In my front yard in the Blue Mountains
Below is one of the finished scarves. Knitters the world over would groan at my lack of imagination and skill. But, afterall, I have just been trying out a few different stitches to get the hang of it again. Overall, I'm pretty inspired to buy some smaller needles and some lovely wool to try out a few more projects. Hopefully, I will have improved considerably by next winter! It would be wonderful to be able to knit quality items to give away or sell at suitable markets.


  1. Wow! Melanie, I loved reading this section of the blog. I disagree with you - people would buy that scarf! I really like those colours and looks amazing against black clothes as you modelled. Im very impressed! Can you teach me to knit?
    Also, the picture you took of my beanie looks fantastic! I had forgotten about that one. I really should make more. I also would have loved if you could sell them at your store. I still have several at home!
    Ta for now. X

  2. By next winter season, I will try to find a market where I can sell your beanies. Markets can be a bit slow in the mountains, and I might consider travelling a bit further in future OR paying more to do a stall. It's hard with papercrafts - if you pay a stall cost of more than $50, it's quite hard to make a viable profit.