30 July, 2010

My Story

Isn't it crazy how many of us end up returning to what we REALLY love. I love teaching, and I love young kids, but I was always seeking ways to inject creative pursuits into every part of my teaching. Whether it be teaching Visual Arts a few periods a week, and begging teachers to let me do their classroom displays, or making every visual aid/flashcard a work of art, I would find a way to be creative. When I was a child, my dad would almost do anything to prevent me from beading or painting or drawing or taking photos. But it was what I really wanted to do...it's only now that I am having the chance to really pursue these activities.

My love of cardmaking started when I was young. A local newsagent agreed to sell some of my painted cards! I would take any free photography course that came up but, unfortunately, was not allowed to pursue it as a school subject :( In my late teens and early 20's, I sold a number of handmade goods in a craft shop in Marrickville, such as recycled paper, decorative picture frames, and handmade cards. Sadly, I couldn't keep up with making these things as teaching gradually took up more of my time. In my late 20's, I discovered scrapbooking. It was the hobby I had always been looking for. All my creative interests could be displayed on a 12" x 12" scrapbook page--photography, drawing, painting, cutting, designing, stamping, etc. I really haven't completed that many pages in six years, especially now as 'Green Gifts' is taking over a bit, but I certainly have a lot more time in my future than I anticipated when I was a full-time teacher. It's very freeing and liberating! Check out some of my scrapbook pages below:


  1. I LOVE your scrapbook pages :)

  2. Thanks! Pity I don't have more time to do them :)