01 September, 2010

Love the Bling!

It's been a bit longer than usual between posts because I had quite a few whole-day markets in August. I'm really enjoying it, and try to use the time productively while I'm there, but never seem to get as much done as I'd like! (That's a good sign--it means I'm dealing with customers rather than sitting around!) I still have so many ideas for 'Green Gifts', which I'm gradually actualising but I have to be patient--I'm only one person!

There are actually a lot of retail opportunities for a business of my kind--it's just a matter of choosing what to focus on. Good planning will build a financially-realistic foundation, whilst poor planning will just suck 'Green Gifts' dry!

I've posted a couple of pictures (above) of a wedding card which was lots of fun to make. I love hand drawn designs, but I suspect that most of my customers don't even notice them until they remove the card from its sleeve and take a really close look (click on the card images for a closer look yourself). Talking about customers, I have been getting some great feedback, many commenting that my cards are "different" from the norm. But I'm not really sure what they mean!
By the way, this card sold during August. Cost: $4.00; Materials: pattern paper, self-adhesive rhinestones, Stampin' Up! rub-ons, Kindy Glitz (applied to parts of the pattern paper), various acid-free pens.


  1. Mel, if that lady puts her 'dog/scrapbook' card for $5 then I think this one is at least worth $6!! Put the price up a bit more - it's a 'wedding' card after all and anything to do with weddings people usually pay more for!

  2. This card actually didn't take all that long to make and I used scrapbook paper 'scraps'. It's the design that people are drawn to. I have found that I can't charge too much for handmade cards :( Some people really appreciate them, but majority of people aren't too keen. For $6, they trust Hallmark far more! Sad, but true. I remember receiving four of the same card for my wedding and doubles of others. Unique is the way to go, but the price tag needs to be right! Even my really intricate $5 cards are sometimes hard to budge...