23 September, 2010

One of my favourites...

Just thought I'd do a quick post of one of my favourite cards. Besides my love of leaves and everything green, I also like retro-style designs. A card like this is a little funky and, admittedly, doesn't appeal to majority of my Blue Mountains' customers. I usually sell cards like this to Sydney-siders from suburbs like Newtown or Bondi! I'm not sure why this is but it sure would be interesting to try a few markets in the city. The only problem is the stall costs they charge--as high as $100 for a trestle table. I can't perceive how I would be able to cover costs, let alone make any profit, and wonder how other stallholders are able to do it?!

P.S. I'm love that the blogger software let me insert images at a larger size today! I'm assuming that this is their new browser for uploading images--they look really effective at this size :)

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