28 June, 2011

So encouraged!

Well, I'd be lying if I didn't acknowledge that the Global Financial Crisis has affected the 'markets' scene over the last 12 months. It has been a slog for myself and many of my fellow stallholders. I've been hanging in there, determined to make even cuter products and putting excessive time and research into sourcing cheaper, higher quality materials. However, things have been picking up for me lately, bolstered by the fact that I have been fortunate enough to have indoor stall spots during some rather chilly winter mountains' days. This may be shortlived, as regular stallholders vie for larger spots, relegating me to whatever space is left :(

Last weekend was extremely encouraging, as the market organiser gave me a particularly large spot on Saturday and I had the opportunity to really display the range of cards I stock. I sold numerous HANDMADE CARDS that day, which makes me very happy because a) I love making them, and b) This is the part of 'Green Gifts' that I am aiming to expand. And guess what? I received a call yesterday from a prominent Sydney-based independent bookshop who may be interested in stocking a range of my cards! A staff member had purchased a handmade card or two from me on the weekend and had shown them to his boss. This is one of the most positive developments for 'Green Gifts' in 2011, and the kind of thing I would like to embark on.


  1. You should post up some of the markets places and times that you sell your stuff at and i might wonder down sometime (:

  2. I'll email you in a couple of weeks when I know my schedule. The organiser of this particular market doesn't want a web presence because he gets inundated by enquiries for stalls and it's only a small venue with regulars in place (I turn up more regularly than some of the regulars but I'm still a casual after one year). So that's why I don't post specific details online :)