30 July, 2011

Return from Paradise

 Poolside Flora, Lautoka Hotel, Lautoka, Fiji Islands

Sunset, Treasure Island, Mamanuca Group, Fiji Islands

Leaves in the Light, Nausori, Fiji Islands

I have recently returned home from a short trip to Fiji. My sister and her husband chose to be married over there and had the most quintessential beach wedding (and honeymoon!) possible. As I was a bridesmaid, I didn't have the chance to snap too many pics on the day :( but can't wait to see the professional photos when they emerge. Due to the overall schedule of the trip, there weren't copious opportunities to take photographs but I tried to keep an eye out for interesting subject matter and managed to take a few decent shots. I'm hoping that a couple of shots will make successful photographic cards for my market stall.

Fiji is a beautiful country. I love the way in which any form of travel forces you to reflect and, in some ways, creates a mindshift within you. It's because you're away from the humdrum and routine of everyday life (not that my life is particularly routinised since leaving teaching). I haven't quite returned to 'reality' yet. Having neglected 'Green Gifts' for the entire month of June, I'm dreadfully low in stock and in no position to visit potential stockists who, undoubtedly, will not wait for me forever! I'll just have to hope for the best. Fiji was worth it...

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