26 September, 2011

Customised Scrapbook Albums

6" x 6" scrapbook layout

12" x 12" scrapbook layout

Recently, I was contacted through this website to create a customised Wedding Scrapbook Album for a couple whose photos have been sitting in a box for 25 years. What better way to revive these older-style photos than to bring them to life with scrapbooking tools and techniques! I have been a 'scrapbooker' for about 8 years now, and have probably completed more pages for others than myself in this time, but all the classes, layouts and completed albums have certainly helped in honing my design skills and visual techniques.

It is hard to define my scrapbooking style. I use an eclectic range of tools and materials to suit a variety of styles. I believe that the addition of text to most scrapbook layouts is important. A textual, as well as a visual story must be told, providing your photos with that unique edge.

If you have a story you would like to tell through photos, text and other visual elements, but lack the time, tools and techniques to complete the project yourself, please contact me via the 'Contact' tab above. I will do my uptmost to present and preserve your precious photos in a truly unique and visually-appealing way.

Below is a brief outline of the cost of customised scrapbooking projects. Copies of photos are generally provided by the customer, so these costs cover my time, tools and materials:

6" x 6" scrapbook layouts - $6.00 each
8" x 8" scrapbook layouts - $8.00 each
12" x 12" scrapbook layouts - $12.50 each
12" x 12" deluxe scrapbook layouts - $15.00 each

An album would generally contain around 20 layouts. The cost of the album and sleeves is in addition to the layout costs, and differs according to the size chosen. Only the actual cost price is passed onto the customer.

For the Wedding Album described at the beginning of this post, the customer is edging towards the 12" x 12" deluxe scrapbook layouts as he wants the best layouts I am capable of producing with the photos provided. To give you an idea of cost, the album would be approximately $50 (including sleeves) and the pages (around 16) would be $240. So, for $290 in total, this couple will finally have an aesthetic album of their wedding memories to share with family and friends. Great value for the amount of care and thought that goes into such a project!

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