11 October, 2011

Why Buy Handmade Greeting Cards?

This card is hand: stamped, torn, inked, drawn (e.g. swirls & dots), coloured, cut, glued and embellished.

As I interact with customers, I am sometimes surprised by people's hesitancy to buy handmade greeting cards. What with the glut of commercial cards available in shops, there seems to be an inherent trust in factory-produced cards. I am trying to challenge this notion by providing affordable gifts and cards, handmade using quality materials, unusual techniques and unique designs.

Handmade cards are not mass-produced by a printing press. Each one is hand constructed and designed. Common cardmaking techniques used include hand: stamping, drawing, embossing, inking, painting, cutting, gluing, mounting and embellishing. If you have ever dabbled in cardmaking yourself, you start to realise just how much effort goes into one card and the number of steps needed to create the finished product. Each card is a miniature artwork which reflects the creator’s passion for originality, aesthetics and design.

When you buy handmade cards, you have the opportunity to communicate your personal style and message to the recipients, which will ultimately hold a deeper meaning for them. There is something different about the way a handmade card looks and feels. The hand-embellished, multi-dimensional and artistic elements of a handmade card provide the recipient with something to treasure for many years to come, so it is unlikely to be discarded. I have known people to paste a favourite quote over the “Happy Birthday” sentiment on the front, for example, and frame their card.

People will genuinely value the thought you have put into selecting a creative, handmade card for their special occasion whether it be a birthday, the birth of a baby, marriage, or simply a little note of thanks.

Handmade cards are great value for money and are often cheaper than mass-produced cards. Unsold and damaged cards are factored into the price of commercial cards. Why not consider buying an individually constructed product, which has been locally made with limited waste or environmental impact, and which has been made with great care and passion!

~ Melanie

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  1. Just found your blog, thought i would stop by and say hi. I really like the idea and your point of view. Though it is very hard to have a consistent range of cards when trying to recycle and reuse existing materials. At first i did try, but had trouble keeping each card looking accurate to the product pictures.

    I find it interesting that people are hesitant to buy handmade cards, there are some beautiful little boutiques online. There are also a lot of sites/products on the opposite end of the scale, but this is true with every industry sector.

    Though when people do purchase beautifully made handmade cards, they are generally so pleased they will give wonderful feedback and tell their friends. So how we as crafters break down those misonceptions? I dont have the answer, but i am keen to try.