12 December, 2011

Think handmade this Christmas!

Think handmade this Christmas! Christmas has become more commercialised of late, so why not inject a little bit of authenticism into your gifts, greetings and wrappings. One brochure I saw recently said, "Have yourself an organised Christmas!" Is this what Christmas has become--a frantic time of year that merely requires organisation and the hope for survival?

So, why not make your gifts stand out from the crowd. I will have handmade wrapping paper and gifts tags available as a pack this Sunday. For only $10, the pack includes 5 sheets (large size) of handmade wrapping paper and 10 gifts tags!

Handmade Christmas cards will also be available. Prices start at $2.00 per card. I try to make my Christmas cards as affordable as possible because of the quantity that people need at this time of year. My cards are suitable for posting and are particularly suitable for close friends and family who you'd like to make feel special. It is also nice to have that opportunity to write a special message inside each card, perhaps a quick summary of what you've appreciated in 2011 and blessings for the New Year.

I also have a lovely range of Christmas photographic cards for $3.00 each (example pictured above).

Even if it's raining, I look forward to your visit at my market stall this Sunday!

2011 - Year in Review

This year has passed by so quickly but, I'm happy to say, it has been a little easier than last. I'm trying to work smarter, rather than harder, and have gained more time for family and friends.

Despite the effect of the global economy on tourism in the Blue Mountains over the last couple of years, my sales have gradually been improving. I'm still classified as a hobbyist at this stage but intend to keep developing 'Green Gifts' as a business concept in 2012.

A number of customers have urged me to sell online, which is a huge undertaking to do properly, but I think it will be a worthwhile venture in the oncoming year. I still prefer face-to-face contact with customers at markets but the online world does have the potential for a much larger customer base.

A would love to approach some potential stockists in 2012 but this is dependent on having the time to create enough suitable stock (namely cards) before they're sold at the markets!

On that note, I do need to make a concerted effort to manage my time better in 2012. Which means less time on the internet and more time dedicated to organising/creating/working!

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