25 November, 2011

Dreary Mountains' Days

With summer approaching, I thought it was time to brighten up my blog with a new banner. The photo of wattle at the very top of this page (now pictured below) was taken some time ago in Penrith on one of those glorious days--such a blue sky! Days like that have been a rarity this year and last in the mountains, as it has rained often. I don't mind the rain but I always worry about my house because it really does need new guttering and drainage systems, as well as other rain barriers. This year has been an eventful year, with the trip to Fiji for my sister's wedding being the highlight. I'm very busy lately, especially with Christmas approaching, but the rain does put a bit of a damper on the markets scene. As a result, I will be developing online purchasing options in a serious way in 2012. For handmade Christmas cards, wrapping paper and gifts, please drop by my market stall in the oncoming weeks. Looking forward to seeing you!

 Blog Banner 2011-2012

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