16 March, 2012

♥ Create, create, create ♥

Wow, the weather has finally fined up--what a relief! It was getting really dismal for a time there. Visitors and tourists have been returning to the mountains and local markets have been picking up as a result. I have been particularly encouraged by the numerous card sales I have had to 'regular' customers. I don't know any names, but I am starting to recognise some faces after two years of doing this! What lovely, supportive mountain-folk and Sydney-siders, who choose to buy handmade and keep returning. Thank You! It gives me enough momentum to keep creating and pursuing this somewhat crazy venture of leaving a secure teaching position to undertake arty endeavours.

I have recently been working on an online store. I went to a couple of seminars and thought it was worth a shot. Not sure of how it will all pan out but I'll persist with it (as you need to do in this field). It is quite hard to compete against all the mass-produced goods in chain stores and major shopping centres and, at times, you get quite demoralised. I am inspired by customers such as one young girl, who works at Typo, but still prefers to buy my cards! That really made my day, maybe even my year!

If you would like to purchase any of my products, please feel free to visit my online store (click on the icon in right sidebar). Alternatively, click on the 'Contact' tab above to phone or email. I am always happy to receive custom orders, which can be purchased via Bank Deposit, PayPal or through my online store as a special listing.

If you would like to place an order then pick it up from my market stall, please contact me to find out when I will be next attending the markets. Looking forward to hearing from you :)

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