13 April, 2012

I love Peter's Bread!

This post has nothing to do with papercraft or cardmaking. I have been attending markets in the Blue Mountains for a couple of years now and thought that it was about time to give Peter's Bread a decent mention! I have never been a great fan of bread--it always gets freezer burn or tastes like cardboard, but Peter's Artisan Bread is quite another story. He has perfected a number of recipes, one of them being his Honey and Fruit loaf. I have literally lived on this bread when there wasn't any food in the house!

Commercial bread loaves are just awful compared to this stuff. It's Cafe quality (well some Cafes, anyway!) and works out at about $0.50 per slice. Two slices with coffee is fantastic for breakfast. I must confess that I have never been one to eat fresh bread fast enough, so I always pre-slice Peter's Bread and freeze it in. It toasts beautifully in a regular toaster. I have my toaster set to low. The first pop defrosts it, the second pop browns it perfectly. This bread really retains its heat because it is so dense, and the butter/margarine melts right in. Making you hungry? Check out Peter's Bread for yourself at his website.

A couple of years ago, I told Peter that I thought his Gluten-free bread loaves would really take off because he was so determined to keep improving his recipe. Now, he receives countless orders through his website each week for this bread range! If you have special dietary requirements, Peter's Bread will not disappoint. It's really worth trying :)

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