26 May, 2012

Strange cardmaker I am...

"Happy Birthday to you!" stamp by Stampin' Up! 

I've just finished making two cards out of given, bought and reclaimed materials and have realised just how different they are! The first one is quite muted, made from wooden embellishments, a left-over tag from a wedding order and die-cut leafy branches from reclaimed designer paper. The second card has been made from die-cuts received as a free gift with an embossing folder. They have been further hand cut, dry embossed and embellished. And, of course, I am a little obsessed with doing some kind of simple drawing on most of my cards!

I haven't had a chance to make many cards lately as I have been busy with other ventures and, boy, do I miss it! It's the real reason I started markets but, sadly, it is too hard to sustain stall costs on handmade cards alone (even though my cards are quite popular). The other crafts (e.g. jewellery making) that I have had to do to substantiate my market stall have been a distraction from what I really enjoy doing...

Same goes for my new online store. I have been so busy making craft supplies, etc. for customers that my cardmaking has been put on hold, but only temporarily! It appears to be quite hard to sell handmade cards online but I am determined to give it a really good try and see what happens :) If you have purchased my handmade cards before, or have received one and find yourself curious enough to be reading this post, please take the next step and contact me. I'm itching for an excuse to list some handmade cards online (over the products that have been selling). Please place an order by emailing, texting or phoning me--click on the contact tab above :)

If you have been looking out for me at the markets, my attendance has been a bit sporadic of late. I will back regularly as of next Sunday and, hopefully, with plenty of new cards! See you there :)

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