19 June, 2012

To my regular customers--Thank You!

I am so thankful for my regular customers, both from the Blue Mountains and Sydney, who have given me such positive feedback and appreciation for my handmade cards over the last two years. I apologise for not being at the markets every week lately (like I have been over the past two years). Unfortunately, markets politics and the unfairness of life has meant that friends of friends have pushed ahead of me for a regular spot, leaving no viable spaces left for me :(

THE GOOD NEWS! A regular stallholder is unable to attend for the whole of July, so please take this opportunity to visit my stall and stock up on handmade cards. You can always do an online order, if preferred. This is my focus at present because the world of markets, what with the weather and dog-eat-dog mentality, is proving too unstable for me to rely on.

Hope you're all enjoying the refreshing wintry weather (haha) and, even if it is a bit blustery or rainy, drop by my market stall throughout July :) It'll nice and warm inside...


  1. I am so thankful for you! You provide me with great cards that my family and friends enjoy

  2. It is very lovely of you to take the time to comment. By all means, introduce yourself at the markets one time (if that's how you buy my cards) and I will give you a loyalty card :)