19 November, 2013

Have a Handmade Christmas!

Christmas will soon be upon us, and I've begun making handmade cards, wrapping paper and gifts for a range of family and friends. Yes, I could just chuck money at it, but what would be the point? It's so much better to make something meaningful for people--I abhor the mass-production that taints the season. For example, last year, I made a $25 gift for someone, which took 3 hours, but was completely unique! How much easier would it have been to throw $25 over the counter at some chain store down in mall city? Very easy but, instead, I printed out a collection of this person's favourite photographs and made them into colourful, A6-sized greeting cards with coordinating C6 envelopes. Very pretty, and perhaps a slight abuse of my facebook friendship, but the recipient really appreciated the sentiment :)

As is customary at this time of year, I've updated my blog header/banner. Last year (2012-2013), I chose a photograph I took in Fiji in 2011 (shown below). Perhaps not very Blue Mountains-ish but an 'ode' to my favourite colour...green (and to my favourite part of the planet, the South Pacific Islands). People sometimes ask me, "Why Green Gifts?" (a number of my products are not 'green' in the environmental sense of the word, but I am constantly striving for this--it's just a matter of continuing to convince the Australian public to embrace it too...)

For the year ahead (2013-2014), I've cropped an image that I took in Paris of a lady beetle on a rose (blog header above). As people wandered past the rose garden in 'Jardin des Plantes', the main botanical garden in France, they stared at me as though I was crazy. What on earth is she looking at? The average passer-by took shots of the whole rose garden, and rarely ventured to the macro level (which invariably involves crouching, body twisting, stillness of hand, and a hell of a lot of patience!) I was happy with the few shots I was able to capture with my rudimentary digital camera and have created photographic cards from some of the better images.

So, "Why Green Gifts?" I love nature, trees, leaves, the colour green, and a number of my products reflect this. I'm always seeking to incorporate 100% recycled paper/cardstock into my cardmaking & stationery range and try to make use of reclaimed materials, especially in my cardmaking. Handmade, local production is also sustainable (i.e. less waste, minimal carbon impact) and doesn't have the same effect as mass-production does on the environment. I encourage you to consider both the direct and indirect impact of your purchasing choices on the global environment, as you prepare for Christmas this year :)

Blog Banner 2012-2013

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