08 November, 2013

Love the Creative Life ♥

 View from our Paris apartment, June-July 2013

I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to explore my creativity on a daily basis. Sure, my house is rundown and nothing to be proud of, but this isn't always what truly matters in life. I found myself getting pulled into the trap of materialism many years ago, but recognised that it would ultimately stifle rather that fulfill me. Freedom is a wonderful feeling despite not having all the trappings that people here in Australia have come to expect for themselves. For example, I don't have a wide-screen digital TV, nor an iPhone, iPod or nice car (my car is 21 years old!) Believe it or not, you can get by, and rather happily too, without these things. I have a vintage mobile phone (doesn't accept picture messages & no internet connectivity), a laptop running Windows XP, and a fairly basic, yet good quality, compact digital camera. It's not what you have but how you use it!

This week I started a Photo Book of my recent trip to Europe. It's a slower process than scrapbooking and can drive you crazy at times! I've made a massive one before as a gift for my Mum on her 6oth Birthday. Took a year to put together! But the resultant, 100-page, professionally-printed book is wonderful to flick through. I think this one will end up being just as big. It's going a little quicker this time because I'm not having to gather together digital pics from family members. I'm just gradually working my way through the folders of the trip. It's so enjoyable to reminisce about the lovely sights, sounds and flavours of Europe. It would be great to return again and visit some different countries. Of course, I would love to see Paris again. It's such a creative, artistic and wonderful place. Loved every minute of being in that city! Good old-fashioned common sense and strong web-searching skills afforded us an amazing range of experiences that even the most cashed-up traveller would have been unlikely to see...

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