26 January, 2015


When I was a child, I wanted to be a photographer. All you needed was a TAFE qualification to get yourself up and running but my father was bent on me gaining a degree in a field that was more 'academic'. Little did he know just how visual our world was to become due to the emergence of the internet, the power of visual imagery, the globalisation of communities and the onslaught of capitalistic branding. My father wanted me to be a journalist--one of those upfront people seeking out the news. Although I am very good at asking questions, and would have been suited to being a journalist, lawyer or detective (this trait of question-asking drives the people in my life to distraction), I am actually a rather reserved person and feel more comfortable 'behind' the camera.

I am finally considering investing in a decent camera as I've never owned one despite loving taking photos. The pic above was inspired by a recent walk I did around the base of a mountain. I noticed that a particular tree had recently dropped its leaves and the colours were just amazing. I love leaves; their intracacies, designs and shapes are fascinating. I picked up a few and snapped a couple of shots. I stuffed the leaves in my pocket and two days later they were completely brown and dry!

Although I classify myself as an amateur (obviously), I have sold a number of my photographs over the years. I would like to try to widen my audience in 2015 as it is really rewarding when someone appreciates a well-framed shot (albeit lacking the level of clarity that a top lens can achieve). My photographic cards currently sell for $2.50 each, plus postage. Packs of 8 are available for $27.50 (including registered post). Please drop me a line and I'll email you the current link for purchasing them.

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