12 June, 2015

Blogging again...

 Luna Park entrance during the 'Vivid' light festival, June 2015

Sydney Harbour Bridge from my favourite street in North Sydney, June 2015

The Luna Park ferris wheel under a full moon, June 2015

It's been a while since I've had time to post due to various health reasons. I'm missing 'Green Gifts' but have not been able to get back into as yet. I still have some stock sitting around and will list it online soon. As for my handmade items, I will probably have to wait and see. I'm still recovering from an unfortunate wrist injury last year, made worse by a poorly performed surgical procedure. I was far too trusting and, as one colleague warned me, "Make sure you're completely comfortable with the surgeon before you let him cut into you." I wasn't completely confident at all--he was so busy and belittled me when I had questions, making me feel like it was inappropriate and unnecessary. But, he told me that he knew what he was doing and that this was my chance, before the bone healed incorrectly, to avoid early arthritis of the wrist. However, the bone had already healed...

Well, to cut a long story short, he did more damage than the original injury and the pain was extreme for at least 2 months. I still have difficulty using my left hand nearly 10 months after what was a relatively minor injury in its initial stages. Never trust a surgeon who won't let you discuss the procedure! He may not have adequate knowledge to actually help your situation. Don't let him bluff you with technical words and over-confidence! It's too late for me as I now have nerve damage and painful joints to contend with every day. I'll just have to find a way to carry on somehow despite the time and money I've lost due to the surgeries, endless appointments and the inability to find a job.

On a bright note, I've had the chance to go to the city of Sydney and see the sites of late. I had a fantastic day the NSW Art Gallery and saw some of the Vivid light festival. It's such a wonderful city and I aim to live in the heart of it one day! There are so many more opportunities in all areas of life when you live in the city, despite the congestion and noise. There are wonderful things to see and do and I would relish in it. I'd always find ways to go to the city when I was young. I remember one particular day--I took a day off from school ('jigged') and went to the city to see a movie and window shop. Did I go with my friends? No. I simply hopped on the train from Kogarah and made a day of it. The feeling of freedom in a relatively safe city was amazing. I relived this a little at the start of this year. The summer weather was glorious and there was so much to do around the harbour :)

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