15 June, 2010

And about time too...

For someone who has been mucking around on computers for well over 20 years, this marks my very first blog entry...ever! I had a 'geocities' webpage many moons ago, but it was so difficult to create and alter back then--you had to know html in some depth (which I did know then, but the internet speeds were the worst problem!) I love the online community, but have never become an active part of it. I'm quite a private person who finds it difficult to put myself 'out there' and self-promote. Since leaving full-time teaching, I have been concentrating my energies on expanding 'Green Gifts' as a business concept. I first registered this name in 2003 but never had time to do anything serious with it. It's been amazing to now have the time to make nature-themed, handmade goods. I love leaves and trees and natural objects, and all of my creativity is just starting to be unleashed. I have so many ideas for things to design and make, and I've started selling them at local Blue Mountains' craft markets. At this point, I'm just a hobbyist but would love for this venture to become a viable business in the oncoming years. Please visit if you're interested in updates and photos of my latest creations...

~ Melanie


  1. How did you come about your business name?

  2. My business name came about a number of years ago, but I've been too busy with full-time work to do anything serious with it. I chose it because I love nature and have always been aware of living sustainable lifestyle. This involves promoting nature, as well as protecting it. I started out by making recycled paper products. Although I haven't yet got back into doing this, it's on my priority list!