21 June, 2010

Pretty Excited!

Today I spent some time designing business-style paraphernalia for Green Gifts. Although I'm still a hobbyist at this stage, I would love for Green Gifts to become a full-time business in the oncoming years. I've been experimenting with branding and developing a business plan. This has all been very time-consuming, but a lot more enjoyable than my previous profession! I designed a vinyl stall banner, business cards and adhesive labels.

It's all a process and so fun to gradually build up ideas, designs and stall signs that can be used and reused. Most of the things I created for teaching were used only the once, which makes you wonder if life should really be spent that way (no matter how much money you're making). I'm certainly a happier person despite the loss of significant income :)


  1. These look great! I particularly love your business card. Did you use a program to do these? Are you going to have your company name on your banner?

  2. Thanks! The font on the business card is actually a little small in real life. When I order another lot in the future, I'll have to tinker with this. No, I'm not putting my company name on the banner because I want it to be a little more generic. I sell different things at different markets. At some markets, I sell predominantly beaded jewellery, rather than environmentally-conscious paperware.