18 June, 2010

A Small Tribute to Lee H. Montgomery

One of my favourite pastimes is web browsing. I find the most amazing things to read and view; sometimes, the most inane. I collect so many ideas then find myself out of time to act on them! Pretty sad, ay? Seriously though, I do need to curb my web-browsing addiction and use my time to create beautiful things, rather than dream about them...

Post Updated: Tuesday, 27th September, 2011

An example of one of my inane web-browsing journeys is when I've tried to find out what happened to the actor Lee Harcourt Montgomery. He was a child star who appeared in quite a number of films and TV shows, the most memorable (in my opinion) being his later role in the 1985 teen flick 'Girls Just Want To have Fun' (GJWTHF). Lee was around 24 when he played Jeff Malene in this movie and, for the genre, his acting was very natural and emotive. For various reasons, which I won't go into here, the film had quite an impact on me.

As there aren't many decent old pics of Lee on the web, I've made the effort to create a few screen captures from GJWTHF. He really was gorgeous and, I must rather embarrassingly confess, became my ideal for the kind of man I'd like to meet. In the process of creating these captures, I realised just how expressive Lee was as an actor. He had obviously continued to refine his talent since childhood and, had he kept performing, would have been an actor to be reckoned with.

On that note, I still haven't managed to find out anything much about Lee. Why did he decide to give up acting? Did he continue to audition for roles? Why doesn't he have a current web presence at all? There are a number of fans out there who continue to ask these questions. Someone mentioned that he has chosen to fade from the limelight altogether. Yet another stated that he lives in a houseboat near Las Vegas. One thing is for sure, it is impossible to find any recent photographs of Lee on the web. For someone who was once a teen heartthrob, he must certainly be keeping a low profile. That's definitely his prerogative.

A few sources confirm that Lee went into music production in the 1990's (obviously his main passion) and later composed the music for the movie 'Legend of the Phantom Rider' (2002) and the short film 'Trespasses' (2005). Just an observation, but Lee has been involved in a number of projects of the horror/thriller genre. I'm not sure if this has been out of choice, or merely the only work available to him over the years.

For now, we'll all just have to be satisfied with the memory of Lee Montgomery. We hope he's alive and well, enjoying life to the fullest and doing what he loves.

These screen captures from GJWTHF are in sequential order. Click on individual pics for a larger view:

Finding out about the Dance TV contest

Boyish good looks suited to the teen movie genre

Meeting his soon-to-be dance partner for the first time

Smiling at his sister's antics

Rehearsing with his dance partner, Janey, for the first time

Being invited by antagonist, Natalie, to her Debutante Ball

 Finding humour in the bedlam occurring at Natalie's Party
(with co-star Jonathan Silverman)

Meeting Janey to organise an official date

Be still, my beating heart

Protecting Janey from a guy who's moving in on her

After their first date - The scene of the first kiss

Honing their moves leading up to the big contest

 Being cornered by J.P. Sands, Natalie's Dad (Jeff's Dad's boss)

Giving in to the threats and letting Janey down

Jeff, discussing his dilemma with his father

Janey finally arrives at the TV studio

Psyching each other up for the final dance-off

Thank you for reading, and I hope you've enjoyed this nostalgic post about Lee Harcourt Montgomery, an actor who made an impact for a short time in the scheme of things, but who will not be forgotten. Constructive comments are most welcome. Please proof read and edit your comments before submitting. All comments are moderated prior to publishing.

Another Update: Tuesday, 4th October, 2011

Wow, I've really surprised myself this time. I have found a recent pic of Lee Montgomery on the web. He's alive and well and working at what he loves! I won't go into details because I don't want to infringe on his privacy. It's not a clear pic, but it is definitely him. He's looking pretty good for someone who's just about to turn 50!

Recent pic of Lee Harcourt Montgomery

I'm glad to find out that he's still involved in the industry and is able to share his experiences and talents on a wider scale. Good one, Lee! We will have to finally accept that acting on the big screen is merely a part of your past...


  1. Wow, it was great to read this. Lee Montgomery was amazing in that movie. I wonder why he didn't get many other gigs. I'll always remember how cute he was, even though he's much older now.

  2. Thank u for this site because I also wondered what happened to him.

  3. I only saw Girls Just Want to Have Fun for the first time recently and totally fell for him, what a gorgeous guy. Strange how hard it is to find out anything about him given how much we rely on the internet for instant information these days! He must really want to draw a line behind his past. Thanks for posting this!

  4. The more I read, the more I think that Lee's move into music in the late 80's might have made it quite hard to get back into the acting scene or, after 17 or so years of acting, he had come to the end. I recently looked Lee Montgomery up in fb and found out that he will be attending the 'Hollywood Show' weekend this August (2012) for the first time (with his sister Belinda Montgomery). If you live in LA you could meet him and buy an autographed pic!

  5. I swear he was a dancer in a car commercial last year...Toyota I think. The guy looked just like him but older of course, but what caught my eye was that he did the same thing as in the Girls Fun movie, where he swung thru a poster during the dance audition, but I cant find any info.

  6. Really? I saw a clip of Lee Montgomery on the web recently and he was quite bald. He looked in great shape physically, but had lost most of his hair :( Do you think it could have been him? This is a recent impression I saw of him:

  7. I still have movies with him in them now. My grand kids enjoy the family movies, He was and is very nice.

  8. Yeah sad he disappeared. Wonder why? Would love to hear how he is. Just weird he completely disappeared and can't find anything. Thanks for updated info.

  9. Thanks, Mitch Clem, for the lovely email :) I did reply to your message but perhaps it went to your 'Junk' or 'Spam' folder. It was great to hear from someone who was part of the movie-making experience in the 80's! It was a simpler time, what with its montages, and soppy endings...but I loved it!

  10. Gail Bartley GannonMonday, 13 January, 2014

    I would really like to meet Lee again, lots has happened since public school where we both went when we were very young in Highland Creek, I work at Walmart still in West Hill..Gail Bartley Gannon

  11. Just watched gjwhf "again"lol love this film and Lee you are and always will be easy on my eye xx

  12. Love lee Montgomery. I'm 40 and I watch girls just want to have fun now and then still to this day. He was awesome in that movie and love see him in more films now.

  13. I am so glad to know he's alive and well! I was a tot (now 36) but had a huge crush back when GJWTHF was out in the 80's. I have looked and looked myself...just wish I knew a little more... is he married? Does he have kids? Does anyone know?? :(

  14. He was not the only 'child' actor to disappear from the movie scene....remember Jason Presson? Same All-American boy, heart throb to girls/women everywhere. I wonder how much of their disappearances is due to the nasty secrets hidden behind Hollywood's closed doors. It's sick, really, the prices some of these youngsters have to pay to stay in the game [ala the two Coreys]. Anyways, would love to hear directly from him but appreciate the desire to avoid publicity. Thanks for a movie that brings me back to a much better time in my life, Mr. M!

  15. Lee was in his late 20's when he stopped appearing in films. It was probably a personal choice. Lee does not strike me as the kind of person to get caught up in it all, which is why he probably chose a more private life. I once chatted online with someone who was in a film with him. Lee was just a carefree guy with lots of talent. He never took the whole thing too seriously--more power to him!

  16. For some recent pics of Lee with fans, google 'Monster Mania Lee Montgomoery' and click on the images tab. Or, go to the facebook tribute page for 'Lee Montgomery'. There are heaps of great pics.

    1. I miss Lee Montgomery,growing up I would stay up late just to watch him, In movies like Ben and Burnt offerings, and also episodes of colombo, just to name a few.Lee I wish you would tell your fans who miss you your ok.you always had beautiful and expressive eyes that showed when you were happy or sad. I respect your privacy,but we wouls love to hear your ok. Thanks J.R.

  17. It's been questioned whether Lee is/was married. Sadly for those of us still nursing our teenage fantasies, I have discovered that to be true. I recently had the opportunity to buy a few slides of photos taken of Lee back in the late '80s. When they arrived, I was stunned to see one of them had the caption "Lee Montgomery with Wife" written on the white cardboard border. He is pictured with a pretty brunette. Both look very happy. In one of the other photos, he is clearly wearing a wedding band. Recently, I was perusing Lee's bio in an original "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" press kit. The last paragraph begins, "Married last spring to actress/screenwriter Carol Burkett..." In the recent photos taken at various conventions, he is NOT wearing a ring, so it's quite possible he is no longer married.

  18. Yes, apparently Lee was married many years ago but it ended not too long afterwards. It was so long ago, and before the internet, that not much has been publicized about it. It is amazing that you still have/were able to obtain an original "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" press kit! Fabulous film with a few die-hard fans still around the place :)

  19. Cool to find this place. Very nice interview on the burnt offerings Blu-ray which I'm sure you all know. Good to see Lee and hear his stories. He was in so much good stuff when I was a kid. Now I'm 42. -Mike in Cleveland Ohio.

  20. https://bloodypopcorn.com/2013/08/21/monster-mania-25-photos/#jp-carousel-743

    This has a current photo of Lee H. Montgomery today

  21. Someone sent me this link. Is Lee now a real estate agent?


  22. Def makes me wanna buy a house in Simi valley..... ;)

  23. hey, fellow leemaniacs: check out this video of a lee montgomery ON-CAMERA INTERVIEW!! it's a bonus feature on the 2015 dvd/blu-ray re-release of 'burnt offerings', which came out in oct. of '15, which would probably place the interview at somewhere in earlier '15, so about a year old as of this posting.

    the interview focuses mainly on 'b.o.', but also touches on his early career, generally, which is very cool to hear his stories of & general feeling about (all positive).

    it's 16 mins & some, but of course it should be 6 HRS long, touching on not only his '80s career, but also why the hell he left us at the alter, what he's been up to all this time, what his favorite color is, etc, etc - but it is what it is, and more than I thought would ever be happen, so it's a treasure for sure.

    he seems happy, healthy, and is clearly as sweet a soul as ever. check it out:


    or just search youtube for 'lee montgomery interview' - there's only one of 'em - duh.

    1. Thank you for your contributions and for sending through another YouTube clip of Lee:


      I could not post your latest message as it was a little lengthy. 'Til next time :)

  24. Yes , I loved all of his movies too . I was watching one of the movies he played in called Baker's Hawk . It made me think of him and I started Googling . I was thinking the same thing . I didn't find out much , but I did find out that he and I share a birthday . Mine is Nov. 3 1968 . He's a little older than me and yes I had a crush on him too when Girls just wanta have fun came out . I was about 17 when that movie came and loved it .

  25. I knew Lee Montgomery well in the mid 1980's when he was married to Carole Burkett. Her brother Phil was one of my best friends, and was then terminally ill and at the end of his life. He spent his last few weeks on Carole's parents' farm outside of San Antonio. Lee came to visit with Carole, and later I met him again when Caole's sister Molly got married on the Burkett's family ranch near San Antonio.

    He was so pleasant and caring to my friend, and much loved by his in-laws. Phi Burkett was an Army Ranger, wounded in Vietnam and I thought of them all tonight as I watched the 2017 Memorial Day Concert in Washington DC. I found this thread while Googling his family. If anyone knows of him or Carol, give them my best.

    Billy V, New York

    1. Billy, Carole is in NYC. I know she would like to talk to you. How to reach you?