21 June, 2010

Great Artwork

I love this artwork by artist Natalie Perkins. None of us want to be ignored but I'll admit that sometimes I appreciate it. I seem to be the type of person who needs a lot of space, so when faced with the prospect of being ignored, it's not something I'll get all forlorn about. Being ignored certainly makes you question your own significance. To me, it's a humbling experience and helps me maintain a realistic view of self. When I have really cared about people and projects--I mean passionately cared, with limited positive response or feedback, I used to keep beating that dead horse in an effort to gain respect or approval. I've since learned that life's too short to care deeply about those who don't recognise it in the slightest. I'm learning to care more about those who, perhaps, I've ignored, and those who really, truly care about me...

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